HogeVeld B.V.

Hengelolaan 179, 2545JG Den Haag


                  KvK 27311166

            BTW: 8188.99.748 B01

     HogeVeld b.v. was founded in 2006 in the Netherlands by a number of professionals. Meanwhile HogeVeld example 8 years active in different sectors. 
     The company focuses on education, by giving advice and training. FOCUS Institute and  VCA Zuid-Holland (SCC South Holland)  are two trade under 
     HogeVeld b.v.
     FOCUS  is an educational institution that offers counseling and RT, IB and homework tutoring next. 
     VCA Zuid-Holland (SCC South Holland) provided through a nationwide network of staff training and examinations. The department puts SHE (Safety, Health and  
     Environment) systems for companies offering these services such as the preparation of Risk Assessment and Evaluation reports.